Who We Are

At Crucial Studio, our team of enthusiastic artists and developers is driven by a shared passion for creation. Boasting over 20 years of combined experience in the realms of art and development, we are dedicated to fostering seamless communication with your team to elevate your projects. Our expertise centers on 3D character creation, as well as the development of websites and mobile apps. Leveraging cost-effective resources, we are committed to providing competitive pricing that aligns with the high quality of our services.

What We Do

Our team excels in character design, modeling, and rigging, alongside proficiency in web development and AR/VR applications. The challenge of tackling demanding projects fuels our excitement and confidence for each new task ahead.

Interactive Website
With years of experience, our development team have expertise in the industry. Whatever the industry, we align to your brand and consumer to create powerful interactions.

3D Character Building & Animation
Creating and animating characters in low poly or high resolution.

AR Experience
It’s trending rapidly with more growth. We can create an experience on the forefront of interactive innovation.