Family Day 2023

In partnership with Jack Morton, we were honored to contribute to the “Family Day 2023,” a festive celebration organized by Kmart and Target for the Christmas season. This event, centered around bringing joy to employees and their families, allowed us to apply our expertise in web development and digital communications. We focused on developing a website and eDM campaign that aimed to make event details and registration as straightforward as possible, while also hoping to encapsulate the warmth and joy of the holiday season. Our goal was to provide a service that not only met the practical needs of the event but also contributed to the festive atmosphere, making it a memorable experience for everyone involved.

For the “Family Day 2023” event, we had the privilege of contributing our skills in web development and digital marketing, focusing on creating a welcoming and easy-to-navigate registration website. Our aim was to simplify the sign-up experience for all attendees, ensuring they could easily access event information. In addition, we crafted thoughtful eDMs, hoping to capture the event’s festive spirit and share it with the Kmart and Target communities. We believe the combination of these efforts helped to create a more informative and engaging online space, subtly enhancing the event’s festive mood and, hopefully, playing a role in increasing participation and making the event a cherished memory for everyone involved.